IP 2008 is finished but let’s keep in touch!!

Saturday the 16th of February, all the participants of the IP 2008 went back home in Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium France, by air, train, bus or car...

After two weeks of intensive training in Paimpont, visits of Youth/Social work Organisations in Rennes, cultural visits and festive evenings...

Though it is officially the end of the IP 2008, it’s important that we all keep in touch and use the blog to do the follow up of the project. So, for instance, we can use the blog:

- to give information on the transmission of the IP to other students in the 5 European universities.

- to give feedback on the implementation (in NGO’s, in internships or in studies) of your learning on the topics of Europe, Intercultural Learning, Non-Formal Education, Youth/Social Work  

Nick also created a forum where you can go and chat between each others: http://ip2008.tk/

So, let’s keep in touch and wait for... the IP 2009 in Cracow.