Most of my interests are related to music (listening to it, attending/ organising gigs... most of all I listen to hardcore or metal but I also like to listen to Jazz.

I like to go out with my friends and have a good time.

I’m also interested in art. For instance I like etching, stencilling, drawing, photography and so on.

I like to kickbox, surf (in summer), ice –skate (in winter), riding on a longboard in Spain,...

My favourite food has to be Thaï n°302

I’m spending a lot of time helping out in a youth house and have a good time over there as well. The target group exists especially from foreign and deprived young people.

I’m a social work student.

My internship is about art education. ‘mu-zee-um’ wants to give children, youngsters and adults the oppurtunity to reflect and create with artistic forms of expression (image, music, word, drama, movements en media). They work with volunteers from all over Europe (EVS). Also once a year group exchanges are organised. This year it wil be a multilateral exchange.