At present I am satisfied and aktive student. For the last months I have been taking part of cultural envents orginised by university. One of my reason for attending in the cultural project is working with people.I very much enjoy it. I hate being alone, so I try to stay busy.

I participated in the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme. The faculty chosen by me was  Media Management. After coming back I started an internship in Incoming Tourism Agency. This job gave me valuable work experience .

When I have some free time I go out to practise joga or  swimming. I also remember about my friend and spending time with them. We are visitng cellar pubs, where we can find a real taste of what makes Cracow’s nightlife so vibrant.

The thing I hate the most is violence & crimes. I like people with extraordinary sense of humour. Follow by William Davis: “the kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.