The IP (Intensive programme) will be hold in Paimpont (Brittany) at the "biological station of the University of Rennes1" from the 2nd until the 16th of February 2008.

50 students coming from 5 different countries (Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Poland and France) will be there for a training on "Europe, Intercultural learning and Youth Work" made by trainers (from NGO) and teachers (from University).

The project was born in 2005 from the willingness of European trainers from both Universities and NGO’s to make a bridge between formal education and non-formal education in the training of social and youth workers.


More precisely, the 3 main objectives of the project are to

- promote a better understanding of the new European Dimension and how it co-relates with Youth and Social Work.

- support Intercultural Learning as a fundamental process for integration

- encourage the use of Non Formal Education methods in Youth and Social Work


For this purpose, the intensive programme will use formal and non-formal education (simulation game, group building activities, role plays) methods to focus on areas such as the diversity of youth work training in Europe, European Youth Programmes, stereotypes and prejudices, the role of youth workers towards intercultural groups etc. These training sessions will be completed with visits of national structures working in the area of Youth and Social Work.


A similar IP already took place last year in Santarem (Portugal) with three partners: France, Belgium and Portugal. You can have a look on the blog created in 2007: http://www.linkingyouthwork.blogspot.com/


During all the IP, there will be a French "video team" making a DVD on the intercultural process. So, Julie, Mona, Typhaine and hélène will spend the 2 weeks with us! You can meet them if you go to the "French Students" category.


Amélie, a former French student of the IUT who attended the IP2007, will be there to take care of all the participants: students, teachers and trainers. You can meet her if you go to the "trainers and teachers" category.


For the informal moments: don’t forget to bring national music and games, music instruments and good mood!

If you have any question, please, leave us a comment!